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What is a microgreen kit?

Each of our microgreen kits come with 2 biodegradable grow mats, 2 packs of certified organic microgreen seeds, and detailed instructions on how to grow your own microgreens in the comfort of your home. Most varieties are ready to harvest within 7-10 days, and are packed with more nutritional value than the full grown version!

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FAQs About Our Kits

Can you freeze microgreens? Yes!!! A great way is to cut up in ice-cube trays, add your favorite juice and freeze. Great for smoothies.

Can you vacuum seal microgreens? Yes, A good vacuum sealer is very handy and can preserve your greens for weeks in refrigerator.

What are microgreens used for? Microgreens are used for sandwiches, burgers, wraps, smoothies, salads, barbecued meat, any cooked dinner entree you would like to add them to.

What do they taste like? Each variety has its own unique flavor. They range from mild, peppery, nutty, spicy, hot, crunchy…..

Are they good for me? Microgreens are exceptionally good for you- loaded in goodness- 6-10X more so than the mature plant. Vitamins A,B,C,E, and K, Carotene, Chlorophyll, Amino acids, Potassium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium, iron, Trace elements, Antioxidants, 35% Protein.

Are they easy to grow? Yes, each package has step by step instructions for easy growing- even for those who claim to have a black thumb 🙂 My 9 year old granddaughter grows them herself for her lunches.

What amount of microgreens will each kit yield? Each kit contains 2 grow mats and 2 seed packs, so you have 2 separate grow periods. Each mat contains 6-8 servings of greens (depending on your preferred amount).

How long will an unopened kit stay on my shelf? An unopened kit has a shelf life of 2+ years in a cool dry place. If you refrigerate or freeze your kit, shelf life is indefinite.

Will you be adding to your selection of microgreens in the future? Absolutely!!! We are very excited to not only be adding more microgreen selections, but also different sized kits, microgreens that will grow better in coco coir medium rather than hydroponically such as: wheatgrass, peas, sunflower, radish, beets, and swiss chard to name a few….

Quite simply, a microgreen is a particular variety of plant that can be fully harvested once the first set of leaves are developed, usually occurring within 7-10 days of seeding. At the time of harvest, the microgreens can vary from 1 to 3 inches high. Even at this early stage of development, microgreens are packed full of nutritional value, and can complement your favourite dishes with flavor that won’t go ignored!

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