We are SO glad you asked!

The health trend of today is booming and will only get bigger—and for good reason!


Healthy living is becoming a priority , and with all the food intolerances out there and the choice to go vegetarian or vegan, along with daily exercise, microgreens fits this perfectly.

Microgreens are jam-packed with nutrition—all the healthy goodness, full of vitamins and antioxidants. It is cancer fighting, energy boosting, promoting hormone health, blood and organ health, plus much more...

Microgreens are super easy to grow and harvested in only ten to fourteen days. They taste delicious, and compliment so many food choices such as all sandwich types, dinner entree’s, bbq’d meats, smoothies, and salads. We have sixteen varieties to choose from- each having its own unique flavor. Each one a super food!

So we think you can agree that growing these microgreens is not only a great idea but necessary for continued health today!

The Difference Between Microgreens and Sprouts

The main difference is that Sprouts are grown in water and you eat the seeds and seedlings and Microgreens are grown in a medium or on a grow-mat, and you eat more mature seedlings-cutting the greens at the base of the stems. 

What is more interesting is that Microgreens have become a better alternative to Sprouts for good reasons. 
1) Microgreens and sprouts pack a powerful punch of nutritional benefits and flavor, but they differ in how they are planted and in their nutrient value.

Microgreens absorb minerals from the grow-mat and also develop more photosynthesis than sprouts—in turn increasing its nutritional value.
  2) The seedlings are also more developed which means higher fiber content.
There have been several cases of Ecoli outbreaks in sprouts due to bacteria growth in the water that is antibiotic-resistant. In growing microgreens there is no risk of this developing.